Apr 132015

Deal drives momentum for Southeast segment of Allied Fiber’s national, open access, integrated network-neutral colocation and dark fiber superstructure

Jacksonville, FL – April 13, 2015 – Joytel Communications, an Internet Service Provider located in North Florida, today announced that it has entered in to a long term agreement with Allied Fiber for dark fiber and neutral colocation services. The agreement with Allied Fiber enables Joytel to provide Internet access and fiber-based network services to underserved areas on the East Coast of Florida. Allied Fiber is the United States’ first open-access, integrated, network-neutral colocation and dark fiber superstructure, for dark fiber, colocation and interconnection services. By working with Allied Fiber, Joytel will also add fiber connectivity to its network architecture and enhance its existing wireless broadband product offering.

Today’s news follows Allied Fiber’s recent announcement of its Southeast build, which is expected to be fully operational between Miami, FL, and Atlanta, GA, by June 2015. The Jacksonville, FL, to Atlanta, GA, route is presently being constructed with the Miami, FL, to Jacksonville, FL, segment already complete and operational. The entire route will serve network operators of all types including:
• National, regional and metro carriers
• Submarine cable networks
• Wireless backhaul providers
• Municipal networks
• Content providers

As a fully integrated network-neutral colocation and dark fiber system, Allied Fiber’s Southeast Route will be the first to enable open interconnection between all network operator types within a single, physical layer long-haul system.

“Our relationship with Joytel will be a perfect example of the Allied Fiber short haul business opportunity and a win-win for our companies and customers,” said Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber. “Providing high speed broadband Internet access to as many areas of the country as possible will bring significant economic benefits and new jobs to these communities and our country as a whole.”

Leveraging Allied Fiber’s network, Joytel will be able to offer high speed, low cost fiber-based broadband service to businesses, schools, colleges, ISP’s, and government entities across the Eastern seaboard. Joytel plans to expand its services through the entire Allied Fiber system starting in the Jacksonville (JAX NAP) with connections connection in St. Augustine and Palm Coast in Northern Florida, and then working its way down the southern part of the state to Miami.

“Expanding our network footprint by connecting with Allied Fiber strengthens our service offerings across the board,” said Mark Marques, CEO and Founder of Joytel Communications. “We are delighted to work with Allied Fiber to offer existing and new customers, across a variety of industries, the highest quality network solutions available.”

About Allied Fiber
Allied Fiber was created as the first national, open access, integrated, network-neutral colocation and dark fiber superstructure in the United States. Allied Fiber offers a combined long-haul and multi-access point, short-haul fiber optic system coupled with its own colocation facilities to provide control of the underlying physical assets to all network operators. Established in 2008, the Allied Fiber system is designed to link the international subsea cable landing points in the United States while also providing intermediate access along the route for the inclusion of local networks in to the global network architecture. By managing communications infrastructure as a real estate business for network operators the company has developed a unique platform that enables its customers’ growth and profitability, which drives its own. Follow Allied Fiber on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Joytel

Joytel is a North Florida based fiber and wireless carrier that has been providing commercial telecommunications services over wireless and wired mediums since 2004. Joytel’s fiber optic and wireless network extends from Jacksonville, FL to Palm Coast, FL and provides telecommunication services to various , ISP’s, business, universities, colleges and health based organizations. Many communications points are POP’s strategically located in data center’s, telco rooms, Building rooftop’s and transmission towers across northeast Florida. Our autonomous network is completely independent and self sufficient from the use of any carrier. Joytel AS27626 is registered with Arin (American registry of Internet Numbers) as an independent provider of telecommunication’s services that exchanges network traffic via border gateway protocol.